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My teen has acne: how to deal with the emotional aspect


As many of us are aware, acne can cause emotional burdens. Glaring red bumps on the face can be cured by various acne creams and acne solution, however, the emotional scars left by acne can't be cured so easily. Unfortunately, this is a problem which no doctor or expert dermatologist can provide the best answer.

Statistically, acne is most common during the teenage years. For teens, it is often quite difficult to face the social impact of acne. With the physical marks come marks of shame, depression and low self-esteem. As a parent of a teenager who encounters this problem, you can be their greatest ally. There are several ways you can comfort your teen.

Remind your teen that acne is temporary

As a guardian, you need to be there and give encouragement to your child. You will probably see him or her emotionally beat up because of criticisms from his or her peers. Explain that the negative reaction of their peers is insignificant in the large scheme of things and that their acne is a temporary condition.

Take your teen to a respectable dermatologist

Do not wait for your teen’s acne problem to worsen before you see a dermatologist. The earlier the better. Seeing a dermatologist while symptoms are lesser could mean reducing the amount of permanent scarring that your teen experiences. Find a dermatologist that deserves your trust. Accompany your teen during visits to the dermatologist. Also, help your teen follow the reminders and instructions of the dermatologist.

Lead your teen to form good habits - and avoid bad ones

There are many bad habits that your teen can develop while they have acne. It is important to guide your teen to avoid these habits. There are also good habits that your teen must follow in order to hasten the healing process of their acne. Encourage your teen to adhere to these good habits. A dermatologist can explain and provide literature on good and bad habits while suffering from acne.

Boost your teen’s self-esteem

Self-esteem erodes when teasing arises. Your goal is to counteract the social pressures and be there to boost self-esteem. Try to focus your teen's energy away from their condition and toward a talent or hobby - anything that will lift to his or her morale and take his or her mind off of the acne.

As a parent, you can help your teen through the blunders of society toward people with acne. Be there and support your teen like no one else can.


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