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5 ways to fight acne without medication

Acne is a common skin problem that can occur in men and women of different ages. Many who have severe cases of acne turn to medicines to cure the condition, however, there are several natural and simple ways to eliminate or at least dramatically reduce the symptoms of acne. Follow these simple rules for a healthy body - and healthy skin will follow.

Water, water, water (and more water)

Avoiding acne can begin by drinking at least two liters of water per day. Staying hydrated is vital in order to prevent pores from becoming blocked and allowing the body to shed dead cells properly. Since the human body consists of about 60% water, water intake is essential for keeping the body's systems balanced and regulated. Skin, being your body's largest organ, is no exception.

Maintain a healthy diet

It's no secret that eating oily foods high in saturated and trans fats is going to make your skin oily and in turn cause you to develop acne. Avoid eating these foods in excess. Also, some acne sufferers are affected by iodine - which occurs in most table salt and foods with salt in them. Avoid salty foods if you are trying to control your acne. Also, you should avoid foods high in sugar. Although acne is caused primarily by hormonal imbalances, eating considerable amounts of sugar raises your blood sugar level quickly, which your body responds to by releasing hormones - specifically insulin and other androgenic hormones. If your liver cannot respond to these hormones quickly enough, it will result in a breakout of acne due to the hormone imbalance.
Coffee and other caffeinated drinks can also contribute to acne by manipulating hormone levels, so caffeine should be avoided in order to help clear up acne.

Only use natural products on your face and body

There is a multitude of beauty products on the market that promise smooth, healthy skin. However, some of them contain chemicals that you may think twice about rubbing into your skin, such as phthalates and parabens. Choose products which contain only natural ingredients such as oatmeal, green tea, cocoa butter, etc.
Be aware that you should check all of the products that come into contact with your skin. Make sure that your shampoo, detergent, fabric softener, deodorant, etc. do not have unnatural chemicals in them. Otherwise, you could irritate your skin and worsen your acne.

Get rid of stress in your life

Going back to hormonal imbalances causing acne, stress is another factor that can contribute to these imbalances. Generally, the less stressed you are, the healthier you are. Acne is no exception. Depression, hair loss, heart disease, obesity, and ulcers are other common stress related conditions, so you will really be doing yourself a favor by eliminating stress.

Stop touching your face

Touching your face spreads dirt from your hands (which came from who-knows-where) to your skin's pores. This dirt can also contain bacteria and viruses, which have high potential to cause acne. Break the habit of touching your face, resting your chin on your fist, etc. Also, wash your hands frequently throughout the day and also wash your face occasionally with a gentle soap.

Follow these tips to help eliminate your acne, and you may be able to avoid turning to expensive, and sometimes harsh, acne medications.


MSC UK said...

There are always options you can use to combat acne without going down the prescription root. Keeping a healthy diet & drinking lots of water is the first option & secondly keeping your clothes & bedding clean as well..

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Andrea Kim said...

Just clean up your beautiful faces daily to reduce acne redness....this is the best suggestion. Don't sleep with make up thinking that next day you would be able to touch it up or create another earth friendly, reusable statement! Be clean, it is all you need!

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iStyle said...

It's a little bit hard to cure acne without medication . You need to drink more, and eat just healty food and that's not all . Also you can try pantothenic acid for acne .

Anonymous said...

Leaving makeup and dirt on skin doesn't just clog pores; it can cause excessive dryness and even skin dandruff.
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jack smith said...

Acne is considered a teenager’s issue, however adult acne does happen also. If your face have mild acne then a minor Acne Treatment is sufficient to deal with it. Washing your face with water and mild soap is sufficient to free your skin pores from these oils. However other effective alternatives like lukewarm water with salt is also suggested.

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